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PHPJasperXML is a PHP class allow us to design PDF report easily via Javabased iReport designer.



  • Run report: Apache + PHP + MySQL + OS (Linux or MacOS or Windows)
  • Development: Java 1.6, Netbean + iReport plugin + proper mysql connection configuration

Test Installation

  • Download latest PHPJasperXML [1]
  • Extract the file into web folder any folder which is your web server accessible (I will use /var/www/PHPJasperXML)
  • Open the PHPJasperXML folder, import database 'sampledb.sql' into your mysql server with database name phpjasperxml
  • Edit setting.php to suit your environment
  • Make sure your web server services is turning on, try browse to http://localhost/PHPJasperXML
  • Try navigate to sample1 to sample 3 to see the result.


Please Don't Do This, See The Alternative

Join Development


External Reference

PHPJasperXML heavily depends on project iReport (Designer) and TCPDF(Run Time Rendering Engine), here is some information of this both project.

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